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C-Source - C-Plex
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Adrien Arpel Item #: 22-04001 -

    This silky formula of Vitamin C is encapsulated to ensure maximum stability and potency and it's supercharged with an effective boosting dose of Vitamin E. This power-packed antioxidant duo uses amazing properties to actively fight collagen breakdown and increases its production. This action literally delays the formation of lines and wrinkles while the vitamin C softens the appearance of existing ones. While many anti-aging products actually thin the skin and strip off layers to achieve a...

    One Step Makeup Remover
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    Color Me Beautiful Item #: 421932 -

      Cleansing and toning in one easy step. Great for touch ups and makeup removal. One Step’s vitamin packed formula provides skin tissue repair, UV protection, moisturization, and conditioning. Paraben free.

      Proof Positive The Complete Fix
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        The Complete Fix Youth Serum is a laboratory proven fix for aging! This remarkable complex aids in the reduction of wrinkles while providing a lifting effect for all skin types. A clinical test with Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, a main ingredient, resulted in a 44% reduction of deep wrinkles, a 37% reduction of main wrinkle density and a 16% increase in lifting effect, while clinical tests with Bellis Perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract resulted in a reduction of melanin formation and anti-oxidative...