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    This retractable lip liner combines intense color in a creamy, hydrating formula that glides on effortlessly and lasts all day!

    Luxury Lipstick
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      This collection of high-impact lipsticks in dimensional shades that have been handcrafted to provide, vivid, rich color, with a soft texture, and creamy wear. Bold and creamy these lipsticks are designed to glow on skin of color. The formula is epitome of luxury, leaves your lips appearing smoother and softer, while it reduces lip flaking.

      Luxury Oil Blotting Pressed Powder
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        A long wearing, lightweight powder that delivers a soft, cashmere-like texture. Available in shaded or transparent.

        Mineral Based Lip Shine Mineral Based, Lip Shine, dazzling color, non-sticky, minerals, Orchid, Brick Red, Topaz, Sheer Peach, Magenta, Plum Berry, Penny, Cherry, and Copper.
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          Add dazzling, selfie ready dimension to your lips with this luxury, mineral lip gloss. Packed with pigment this high wattage formula will illuminate your lips with a dazzling finish that lasts and lasts. Flori Roberts Mineral Based Lip Shine conditions and protects the lips while providing second to none shine.

          Multi Tasking Sponge
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            Creating an airbrushed effect has never been easier with the new Soft Focus Blender Sponge. This revolutionary, versatile sponge application tool will give you a natural, flawless, soft focus finish every time. Can be used wet or dry.

            My Everything Cream
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              A multi-purpose anti-aging, moisturizing cream, formulated for the eyes, throat, face and body.

              One Step Makeup Remover
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                Cleansing and toning in one easy step. Great for touch ups and makeup removal. One Step’s vitamin packed formula provides skin tissue repair, UV protection, moisturization, and conditioning. Paraben free.

                Patti Labelle Girlfriend Fragrance Packette
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                  Patti Labelle Girlfriend is a refreshing and crisp floral green fragrance . Launched in 1998 and named for the singer, Girlfriend offers a brisk scent to cool down even the most hot-headed of divas. Based on floral accords, the fragrance combines several ingredients from the plant world. It’s sultry green tea blends well with the fruity notes of citrus. The scent of mimosa deliciously rounds out the floral notes as well, providing ample space for every aroma to breathe. With long lasting...

                  Perfect Brow Pencil
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                  Flori Roberts

                    Achieve all the complex brow looks with ease using this self sharpening, essential brow tool. Glides on easily, turning your untamable skimpy brows into perfectly natural, polished eyebrows accompanied by a special blending spoolie.

                    Perfect Tone Cleansing Foam
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                    Flori Roberts Item #: 38000 -

                      A gentle purifying cleanser featuring papaya to help clear, refresh, and promote healthy, balanced skin. Perfect for all skin types.

                      Perfect Tone Fade Cream
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                        This miraculous fade cream is a first of its kind. It’s natural evening power comes from a proprietary blend that features Emblica, a natural berry from the Indian Amla tree, and alpha-arbutin, a laboratory tested, safe, effective ingredient derived from the bearberry. Proven to improve the appearance of dark spots such as acne scars, pigmentation, melasma, and sunspots as well as naturally darker areas such as knees and elbows. Can also reduce the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure. If...

                        Perfect Tone Moisture Serum
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                          This highly concentrated, oil-free moisturizing serum combats dark spots, evens skin tone, and boosts radiance. Using a high percentage of Emblica, this safe, natural skin tone treatment- quickly fades dark patches for a beautiful, even skintone. Fortified with: Emblica – Rich in vitamin C, retains the skin's natural moisture white reversing hyper-pigmentation. Morus Alba (Mulberry) Bark Extract – Skin-lightening booster, normalizes melanin production. Kassou Ekisu (Algae) Extract – Nourishes...