CREME TO POWDER: See flawless, even, perfect skin in one simple, easy application. Applies like a cream, gives a remarkable velvety matte finish. But it's not just the amazing coverage and finish — Flori Roberts Creme To Powder Foundation is available in an unparalleled shade range for all skin of color. It is simply gorgeous on the skin.


LUXURY OIL BLOTTING POWDER INVISIBLE: While everyone wants to glow, nobody wants to look greasy and Luxury Oil Blotting Pressed Powder is a great mattifier. Use as a finishing powder over foundation to set it for long wear and reduce the appearance of imperfections. But this product is a makeup artist favorite for all of its other uses. It makes a great base for bronzer and blush extending wear and ease of application. A bit of Invisible Powder on the lashes prior and between coats of mascara will give amazing volume without a spidery, cakey effect. Applied under the eyes, it makes the removal of eye shadow mistakes a breeze. Oily eye lids aren't a problem with a thin coat under eye shadow. Clearly, Invisible Oil Blotting Powder is a beauty essential, which is why it is the BEST NEW PRODUCT.


ALL NIGHTER MATTE LIQUID LIPS: High Drama for your lips! Flori Roberts All Nighter Liquid Lips is a surprisingly comfortable, long-wearing, full coverage, matte liquid lipstick that screams with intense color and dries with a sophisticated finish.


SHEA NUT BODY BUTTER: Beyond luxurious, this body moisturizer is buttery in texture, heavenly in scent and provides intense moisturization for all areas of the body. The formulation is nothing short of magic, with premium shea nut, cocoa butter and aloe vera extracts for a start. Best of all, this body butter leaves a subtle, sexy sheen that lasts and lasts and a delicious hint of fragrance for the ultimate in sexy body treatments.

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