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2019 Color Of The Year Collection
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This collection features The first "melts on your lips" lipstick with self renewing color spheres and a stunning Nail Lacquer in your perfect living coral shade. Not discountable.HAZMAT: can not be shipped internationally.

Alpha Advanced Ageless Elixir
Price: $35.00
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Item #: 22-04808 -

    Time-released vitamins and minerals continuously help to oxygenate and nourish skin. A moisture magnet veil helps maintain the moisture level of healthy skin. All skin types will benefit from this vitamin-enhanced revitalizing treatment.

    Autumn Deluxe Color Collection
    Price: $62.00
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    Color Me Beautiful Item #: 15-78165 -

    Understanding your most flattering colors and finding the right shades of makeup can sometimes be a little overwhelming. But Color Me Beautiful has done all the work for you with this indispensable little kit. The perfect shades of lipstick, blush and eye liner, and nail lacquer for your coloring, along with your seasonal swatch fan have been preselected for you! Cosmetics and fashion colors, pre-coordinated for effortless beauty are yours at an especially appealing price.Kit Includes:Autumn...

    Autumn Swatch Fan
    Retail: $34.00
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    Color Me Beautiful Item #: 15-12075 -

      - 48 Custom Matched Chips- Unique Color Names On Each Fan Blade- High Color Reliability And ConsistencyWarm and DeepYou look beautiful in bronze and copper jewelry. Your deeper hair colors include red, auburn, reddish brown, or golden honey.

      Ballet Pink Color Pro Eyeshadow
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      Item #: 450208 -

        Banana Cream Color Pro Eyeshadow
        Price: $14.00
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        Item #: 450222 -

          [Spring & Autumn] A finely-milled, full pigment, new eyeshadow formula with something to fit every season. 

          Bio Cellular Night Creme
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          Adrien Arpel Item #: 22-07711 -

            This unique cream is formulated with gentle-acting Alpha-Hydroxy Complex, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Deeply hydrating, improves the elasticity and pliability of the skin. Continuous use will make the skin clearer, brighter, and smoother looking. The formula is completely grease-less. It is a good choice for all skin types but suits normal to dry skin best.

            Bio Cellular Night Eye Gelee
            Price: $28.00
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            Adrien Arpel Item #: 22-07721 -

              This delicate, nutrient-rich eye treatment penetrates the outer layer of the skin. Its formula contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids derived from apple and grape extracts which minimizes and softens visible lines to the eye area and delivers intense nourishment. Excellent for all skin types.

              Blush Brush Angled
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              Item #: 14782 -

                This soft angled blush brush lays down a natural-looking flush of color to cheeks. Effectively shaped for controlled application of powder blush making contouring effortless.

                Brow Fix
                Price: $15.00
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                Color Me Beautiful Item #: CMBF00 -

                  A hair gel for brows, our Brow Fixative tames unruly brows and gives them definition. Includes a wand for application.

                  Brush-On Brow Powder
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                  Color Me Beautiful

                    Easy and natural application to create the perfect brow. Brow brush included. Fill in gaps, add polish, and style! Tip: Brow color should be selected to match hair color. For a soft, natural look choose a shade lighter than the color of your hair. Be sure to "set" your Brush On Brow Powder with Brow Fix for perfect, natural brows that stay set all day.

                    C-Plex C-source
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                    Color Me Beautiful Item #: 421819 -

                      This silky formula of Vitamin C is encapsulated to ensure maximum stability and potency and it’s supercharged with an effectiveness boosting dose of Vitamin E. This power-packed antioxidant duo uses amazing properties to actively fight collagen breakdown and increase its production, this action literally delays the formation of lines and wrinkles while the vitamin C softens the appearance of existing ones. While many anti-aging products actually thin the skin and strip off layers to achieve a...