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Clean Living Cleanser
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    Facial Security Moisturizer
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      Kabuki Brush
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        Introducing the kabuki of all kabukis—the ultimate makeup buffing brush, born to do it all. Its short handle allows for controlled application while its dense head creates a lightweight, flawless result. This Kabuki Brush features super soft bristles at just the right density, making it perfect for blending both liquid and powder formulas with ease.

        Patti Labelle Girlfriend Fragrance Packette
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          Patti Labelle Girlfriend is a refreshing and crisp floral green fragrance . Launched in 1998 and named for the singer, Girlfriend offers a brisk scent to cool down even the most hot-headed of divas. Based on floral accords, the fragrance combines several ingredients from the plant world. It’s sultry green tea blends well with the fruity notes of citrus. The scent of mimosa deliciously rounds out the floral notes as well, providing ample space for every aroma to breathe. With long lasting...

          Skincare Enlighten Skin Essentials For Uneven Skintone
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          The most dramatic breakthrough ever for deeper skin tones. Enlighten naturally brightens and dramatically evens skin tone and fades discolorations. Exclusively formulated with Emblica, a herbal extract, which is clinically proven as effective as hydroquinone but without any negative side effects. And, as an antioxidant, Enlighten will improve the skin’s overall health.One of Emblica’s most exciting applications is as a skin lightener. While most skin lighteners such as Hydroquinone, Arbutin,...