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Ultimate-C Capsules
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    Brightening and skin correcting capsules with fresh Vitamin C and Vitamin E booster. Encapsulated for extreme freshness and effectiveness.

    Ultimate-C Clarifying Toner
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      An energizing, alcohol-free toner that clarifies the skin, while protecting against the signs of aging.

      Ultimate-C Cleanser
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        An energizing creamy cleanser that will maintain your skin's moisture balance while revealing softer, smoother and brighter skin. Formulated with Vitamin C, Wakamine® and Matsutake Extract. Not only does this gentle formula leave skin feeling soft, soothed and pampered but laboratory testing of the ingredients support clearer, lighter more even-toned skin. Paraben and fragrance free.

        Skincare Set For Acne Prone Skin dry skin, african american, black skin, ethnic skin, african american skin care, black skin care
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          For those skin types on the oily side this daily regime is a must. Fresh Foaming Cleanser is a deep cleansing gel to lather away impurities without over-drying. Double O Complex helps combat excessive oiliness, enlarged or clogged pores. The Oil-Free Moisturizer, with natural oil-absorbing starch, herbal extracts and SPF15, helps control oil shine while leaving skin feeling smooth and toned.