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Exfoliating Facial Scrub & Primer
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    Refines the skin's texture by gently, but effectively, removing dead, dull surface skin cells and exposing smoother and more perfect skin. Can be used as both an exfoliator and a treatment mask.

    Perfect Tone Fade Cream
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      This miraculous fade cream is a first of its kind. It’s natural lightening and evening power comes from a proprietary blend that features Emblica, a natural berry from the Indian Amla tree, and alpha-arbutin, a laboratory tested, safe, effective ingredient derived from the bearberry. Proven to improve the appearance of dark spots such as acne scars, pigmentation, melasma, and sunspots as well as naturally darker areas such as knees and elbows. Can also reduce the degree of skin tanning after...

      Perfect Tone Moisture Serum
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        A light moisturizer to help combat oily skin while leaving the skin soft and hydrated. Uneven skin tone, dark spots, and signs of aging will disappear.

        Ultimate-C Capsules
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          Brightening and skin correcting capsules with fresh Vitamin C and Vitamin E booster. Encapsulated for extreme freshness and effectiveness.