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ENLIGHTEN-A new class of skin-tone evening, age defying,complexion enhancers from FLORI ROBERTS

What is Enlighten?
A new class of skin-tone evening, age defying, complexion enhancers


  What Users Say?

"After about 2 months using the ENLIGHTEN Regime, I was puzzled that my foundation seemed to be too dark on my face. Initially, I didn't connect the dots. But soon I realized that Enlighten had lightened and brightened my face 2 full shades! The ladies in my family all seem to darken as they age and I didn't even realize it was already happening to me. I didn't know what to expect when I began 'testing' the product, but I'm sure glad I did!"
- Cheryl A. Cormier, VP of Sales & Training

"Like so many of us black women, while I don't have wrinkles, I do have disturbing darker areas on my face. By regularly using Enlighten, my dark spots have virtually disappeared."
- Sharon Clark, Miami, Florida

"Following my monthly cycles, I get dark discolorations on my face. Not any more. Thank you Enlighten."
- Makeba Thomas, Chicago, Illinois

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Flori Roberts' Enlighten is the most dramatic skin care breakthrough ever for skin of color. Formulated specifically for women of color who, in most cases, have some unevenness or skin discoloration. More powerful than hydroquinone yet completely natural and without the negative side effects of such bleaching agents and other questionable chemical formulas. ENLIGHTEN solves hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation and any other discoloration to give you a perfectly even complexion.

The ENLIGHTEN skin care system is formulated with Emblica, an all-natural herb and botanical extract used for hundreds of years in India to beautify the skin. Flori Roberts, which has a long history of success in skin care, developed the product based on 22 years of lab and scientific research. Emblica has been scientifically proven to be more effective at lightening skin than hydroquinone. Yet, it's natural, gentle and has no harsh bleaching agents. Users will see a brighter, more even skin tone in just 30 days. In addition, ENLIGHTEN has cascading, long-lasting anti-oxidants promoting optimal skin.

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Seeing is Believing: Visible Results in Just Weeks!

Both Cynthia and Tiffany had dark spots and blotching. See how the dark spots have faded significantly. Their skin is smoother, brighter and clearer. All in less than 30 days.

Says Cynthia Bellamy of Chantilly, Virginia, "My dark spots faded significantly. I now have glowing skin. The product is so gentle; I guess that's because it's all natural. As far as I'm concerned, it's a miracle product."

Says Tiffany Ware of Cincinnati, Ohio, "My skin has never looked better. Not a day goes by that I'm not complimented. I now wear less foundation coverage because my skin looks wonderful."




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