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    Apply over lipstick to help it last longer and prevent the color from kissing off. Keep lipstick from feathering or bleeding and off china, glass, cheeks, and him.

    • Apply lipstick as usual. Blot lightly with tissue.
    • For a perfect seal, apply ColorFix in long strokes over the entire surface of lip color, including inside and outside edges. Avoid overlapping strokes. Wipe brush on tissue before re-inserting in bottle.
    • Do not touch lips together for 10 – 15 seconds while ColorFix dries or you will break the seal.
    • Lick both lips to “set” ColorFix and you will be ready to face the day.

    Peppermint Oil – conditions the skin and provides a pleasant smell.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Very cool

    I have never seen anything like this I apply it to my lipstick and it turns it matte immediately.